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CertSpring helps you make money by quickly building training, badge, or certificate programs. Upload your own content or use links to Youtube videos, PDF files and blog articles.

Watch the overview video and see how it works in 30 seconds.

Take advantage of a billion dollar business opportunity by creating your own courses in minutes. 
Use our e-commerce engine to charge students when they register. There is no easier solution available. 

Hundreds of companies have chosen CertSpring and they love us.
"With CertSpring I've found that converting my message into an online training and certificate program not only allows me to share my expertise on another platform, but also validates me as a subject matter expert, which can and has begun to lead to multiple open doors."
Marlin Woods
Marlin Woods – Benefits Plus
CEO/Author - Benefits Plus
"CertSpring helped us put together a learning program to certify our partners. They bent over backwards to give us the support we needed to get going. Highly Recommended!"
Partner Learning quote
Chris Lacher
Training Coordinator - Maria DB

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Certspring advantages

Core Features of CertSpring

Here are a few features that sets CertSpring apart:


When you create a certification your students will instantly be added to a community that will give other students, and you, the ability to get instant feedback on how the knowledge is being used. 


Our platform is designed using the mobile friendly design called "Bootstrap" that lets you use any device to author or take tests. 

Use existing content

Don't worry about uploading or configuring content, CertSpring acts as an aggregator for mixing together any kind of content source. 

Branded with your information

With paid versions each test has your own logo so that you can provide a familiar look and feel to your test and certification programs. 

Why choose CertSpring over other online testing providers?

CertSpring is designed from the ground up to help you rapidly create online courses using content that is hosted anywhere. Most testing companies focus only on the test, and most online course systems force you to upload your content using there system. CertSpring acts as a content aggregator to make course, and test creation easy and flexible. 

the first micro Testing and certificate Company
The content revolution is here, and the rise of Micro-Learning will change the face of education and curriculum development as we know it. Every day millions of pieces of content, audio, video, images and text are created on the internet. By grouping together or "Chunking" content you can quickly provide valuable learning experiences for students of any kind.. 

CertSpring is dedicated to the repurposing of existing content in order to provide "micro-learning" experiences for customers and end users. 
Micro-Learning On Any Device Using Content Anywhere

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Rapid Certification Creation

Convert existing tests to certification programs, or create a certification program quickly and easily with just a few mouse clicks.

Create Tests Faster

Create online tests quickly and easily without the hassle of traditional online testing software.

Create Courses On The Fly

Quickly add links to existing online content to create your own micro-course and launch new courses in hours not weeks or months.

We Can Help You With Implementation

If you need assistance with any planning or implementation, our staff can work with you to help get the job done.

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