CertSpring launches MICRO-CERTIFICATION Platform

Are you ready to certify a piece at a time?

Dec, 18, 2014, CertSpring.com — If you are in the world of training or certification, then chances are that you have heard the rumblings about the topic of Micro-Learning.

In case you haven’t, micro-learning is the process of learning in smaller segments and pieces over a short period of time. Micro-learning activities include short-term lessons, projects, or assignments with smaller amounts of information. Usually course material is broken into smaller lessons or modules, rather than teaching a broad topic all at once.

Most experts agree that micro-learning is the way of the future, because the increasing supply of available content, coupled with ever-diminishing attention spans, means that students will want and need to have their content delivered to them in smaller pieces. Experts also agree that an increased supply of content means that knowledge verification will be more important than ever.

CertSpring launches MICRO-CERTIFICATION Platform

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